What To Know When Installing A Solar Panel System On Your Roof

Residential customers ask several questions regarding the ways to set up rooftop solar panel systems, plus whom to approach for this task. This shows that these customers do not have enough awareness about rooftop solar panel installation. This lack of knowledge may be the reason why the service is not as sought-after as it should be in the housing sector. A homeowner may find it difficult to obtain information about rooftop suppliers, government policies, costs, procedures and subsidies. This is why we will discuss some of those details here.

The Suitability Of Your Roof

How good or bad the roof is, maybe the most significant part of the installation project. How long has it been in use? What damage has it endured over time? If any repairs are required, it is important to deal with those before having the panel system installed on the roof. This structure itself may hold rooftop solar panels and the whole shebang securely, but strong winds could negatively affect the installation.

Another thing to consider to determine its suitability is the availability of sunlight there. There has to be sunlight on the roof on most days. That is to say, big objects such as foliage, buildings or nearby roofs should not cast a shadow over the structure. It is vital to consider the form and orientation of your rooftop when installing the panels there. A slanting rooftop would be ideal for solar modules if that slope is to the south and if your area belongs to the northern hemisphere. For instance, the above applies to solar panels Los Angeles based installations.

The Rooftop Solar Panel System’s Size And The Panel Count

The right size for a standard house is possibly between 1 kW and 10 kW or so. The right roof space available, plus the capacity that your local power distribution company allows for its installation, will dictate the installable solar system’s size. Meanwhile, the wattage of solar panels and your electricity consumption will help to determine the number of panels you need to install atop the roof.

How Long The Solar Panel System Will Last

It should ideally produce clean solar energy for around 25 years on the trot. It is important to maintain the solar panel system to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. When this asset crosses the useful life of it, you may reinvest in it or replace/upgrade/recycle its components.

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