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Engagement is one of the most important events in every couple’s life. An engagement ring is a perfect way to symbolize the love, lifelong commitment, togetherness, and loyalty to each other. So it is important to find a perfect engagement ring for your partner. When you do an online research for finding a perfect engagement ring, you might come across the halo engagement ring. Halo setting became one of the most popular engagement ring settings in recent years.

In a halo setting, the centre diamond is encircled by a collection of small round diamonds. The halo setting makes the centre diamond appears bigger. It increases the overall sparkle of the engagement ring and they usually come in a variety of interesting shapes. Even though halo is one of the popular diamond settings, you need to look at few things before buying halo engagements ring, including:

  • Cutting of centre diamond
  • Color of the diamond
  • Number of halos
  • Shank of the ring
  • Choice of metal

Benefits Of Halo Engagement Ring

One of the biggest benefits of the halo setting is that it makes the centre diamond look bigger. From a distance the diamond will also look more sparkly. The halo setting can make the 1-carat central diamond appear as a 2-carat diamond. This will help you to save valuable money.

A halo engagement ring covers more surface of the finger. The setting will help you to achieve the full look of the ring on your finger. If you are looking for a perfect engagement ring that looks amazing on your finger and does not blow up your budget, then halo engagement ring is a perfect choice.

The halo setting provides a very intense sparkle for the ring. This is mainly because of the arrangement of the diamonds in a halo engagement ring. The central diamond in a halo engagement ring is surrounded by many small diamonds which offers an unmatched sparkle that entices everyone.

We all know that diamonds are hardest materials. But it does not change the fact that can be damaged. A hard hit on the diamond can make a scratch, which may diminish the value of the diamond. Therefore, the surrounding small diamonds in a halo setting offers protection to the central diamond.

If you are thinking of buying a halo engagement ring, you should visit There you can look at different varieties of halo rings and compare the prices with others. In addition, you will be assisted by ROSI, an AI-powered diamond finder. ROSI can help you to find a perfect engagement ring that suits your budget.

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