The Advantage Of Using IGTV For Business Advertising

Business Advertising
Business Advertising

One of the newest tools that digital advertising services can use is Instagram TV (IGTV). Of all the digital advertising or marketing , this is the one that can make use of the still image, short and long video capabilities of Instagram. This enables to showcase products and services in detail, thereby gaining customers trust which is the crux of any marketing campaign. Shared below are details on how you can use IGTV for your digital marketing or advertising campaign.

What Is Instagram TV (IGTV)?

IGTV is a platform that is dedicated to videos from Instagram which is one of the most successful digital marketing tools. Here you can post videos that are 10 times longer than native Instagram videos, this can drastically increase the viewership of any content if they are different and very good. Its main aim is video marketing and is picking up pace rather quicker than expected. Compared to other platforms, this helps you to make use of longer videos as well as native Instagram benefits.

Why Should Digital Advertising Services Use IGTV?

There are some unique features that set IGTV from native Instagram and this lets you create unique and engaging content, those features are listed below.

Longer Video: This enables to create content that communicates with the customer in detail and helps them to know more about the product being marketed or sold. This trustworthiness or credibility is the most important factor of any advertising. This is also a better tool than the Instagram stories as they last longer than 24 hours. This increases the engagement and the shares of the content which is good for business advertising.

Live Links: The ability to put live links allows to drive prospective customers or buyers to the product page or prospective website. This makes it a better marketing tool than the native Instagram and especially suitable business advertising.

How To Use IGTV For Marketing Advertising?

Use Product On-Screen: As part of advertising any product, you can use it on-screen or even create tutorials to give customers a clear idea. This will increase the chances of them buying the product and thereby increase the revenues.

User Generated Videos: IGTV gives you the advantage of featuring user generated content and using this as a permanent video can reap rewards for any brand or company. Also, you can use the live link feature along with this to increase customer engagement.

The advantage of using IGTV for business advertising is that it increases customer engagement and they remember your brand for a longer period of time. Not only that, them sharing the videos is very much like word of mouth publicity that has more credibility than traditional marketing.

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