What is the Way Forward for Mobile Advertising?

Mobile advertising is about collecting the required data and using it with the informed and explicit consent of the end-user. Advertisements tend to irritate mobile users, and this has been the case for a while now. These are unwelcome and annoying ads, which make a negative connection to the brand or product being advertised.

For years, we have been told that data is the means of solving this problem. With further data gathering and much more refined targeted advertising, it is possible to serve more pertinent ads that improve the user experience.

This is flawed thinking, and it guarantees that this form of advertising will worsen over time. Rather than more data, consented data is one of the solutions to this abysmal state of mobile advertising. Consented data refers to data gathered and used in a manner that is ethical and that respect the intelligence and privacy of users.

Personal data is gathered to target users with personalized ads from brands, which fund content development and monetize publisher inventory.

To accomplish the objective of collecting consented data, marketers should educate the customer first and radically change the way they think about user consent, transparency, and privacy around both data gathering and usage.

Transparency as One Solution

Being more transparent with customers regarding how and when brands collect and use their data, is and will be the only practical solution. Customers are neither unreasonable nor stupid. They are aware that brands tend to gather their information, and that this can cause a more enjoyable and personalized experience.

Users understand how much it is worth to trade data for access to an online service for free, as long as this exchange is honestly and clearly communicated. Most consumers are fine with sharing certain kinds of data rather than paying money for access to some applications or certain content.

They want and need the chance to determine whether to share their information and get ads or not do the same. This advertising model, which works based on giving fair choice to customers, is the lone way to solve the mobile advertising issue.

Under the present system, consumers have not much choice regarding when their data will be used and how. Usually, it is gathered without the consent of consumers and used irresponsibly. When publishers and brands wish to seek consent to gather and use consumers’ data, what the latter usually get is a permissions request that is impossible to understand for them.

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