Techniques To Advertise On Facebook And Instagram During The COVID-19 Period


The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is wide-spread and hardly anyone anticipated. These changes have urged the advertising industry to revise its policies and devise newer ones relevant to the current period. As more people are staying indoors now, they are spending more time online, and failing to implement the right marketing strategy will prove detrimental to businesses. In this article, we discuss a few strategies to run Facebook and Instagram ads in the COVID-19 period. 

Prioritize Consistency And Extend Your High-Performing Ads 

Facebook has recently informed the advertisers that there could be some delays and errors due to the recent changes in staffing. It is believed that now they will be making use of automated systems for reviewing commerce listings as well as new advertisements. This indicates that new ads submitted will be scrutinized based on a new review policy. 

Give Importance To Remarketing Campaigns 

According to a study by Barillance, over 75% of shoppers will leave your site without making a purchase. Increased browsing gives the marketers a chance to re-engage with people who visited the site previously, and then get them back to your site by giving offers like free shipping. This is increasingly relevant for businesses that are reporting increased traffic. Segmenting the audience to the maximum is important because increased relevance will promise better engagement. Never forget to remarket all those who have liked, interacted, or commented on your business pages on Instagram as well as Facebook. 

Find Out New Leads 

Many businesses would be using email newsletters to keep your audience informed about your products and services. Concentrate on creating new leads if your business is not doing that great at the moment. A Facebook lead ad campaign could be the next best thing for your business as it gives an opportunity to create an audience that you can remarket to, in the future. When creating the lead generation form, make it as simple as possible. Chances of the customers opting out of the forms are high in the case of too much information being asked. Two fields, name and email address would be enough. 

Make Use Of Facebook And Instagram Live 

For local businesses going through a struggling period, offering products/services online can help them survive in this tough period. If that is not possible, they can at least get in touch with customers through Facebook and Instagram live. 

Times of crisis demand for a revisal of advertising policies, lest your business will fail in surviving the crisis. 

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