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Online Advertising Business

Change is an inevitable and organic thing and the digital world is bringing revolutionizing changes in the world economy. Changes apply to every single entity in the digital world and the online advertising business has been witnessing some revolutionizing changes over the years. The selection of the right advertising strategy is quintessential for shaping your business. Some of the ongoing trends in the digital advertising industry are discussed below.

Omni-Channel Marketing

It would not be wrong to say that a potential customer who wants to buy a product is flooded with many options. Going to a physical store and buying things was the way people got things for themselves in the pre-internet era. However, changing times have changed these ways and in the digital world, we have a multitude of options including internet, TV, smartphones, magazines, and the physical stores.

One-stop-shop is a thing of the past, and this change has triggered the introduction of omni-channel marketing. Omni-channel marketing focuses on multiple channels and works to offer the best experience across all the channels. If you own a brick and mortar shop, forget not to own a website for your business and have a strong presence on all channels including TV and smartphones. The customers should be able to research your products on the internet, order it using smartphones, and find it in your physical store.

When all these go well, you establish the Omni-channel marketing strategy in the right way.

Google AMP

Internet speed has the power to decide the success of ecommerce businesses. The longer it takes for web pages to load, the severe are the losses in the sale. Estimates suggest that almost half of the internet users will wait only about 3.4 seconds for a page to load and if it still does not load, they simply drop the idea. This indicates how crucial is internet speed, in deciding the success or failure of a business.

Google has been working on projects to increase the web page speed. It came up with the AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages) project last year, and recently they introduced AMP for post-click landing pages and ads as well. With AMP framework, designers can create web pages that load within fractions of a second. The contents of AMP framework are:

AMP HTML- It is a relatively simple form of HTML and does not have custom tags that make things complex.

AMP javascript- It is a lighter and restricted form of javascript and it does not permit third-party javascript.

AMP CDN (Content Delivery Network)- It allows users to cache your web pages in Google servers, which will further increase the speed with which web pages load.

During the initial period of its launch, the failure of the framework to offer a speedy experience while loading post-click pages and ads was a problem. It did not take long for Google to solve the problem and they recently launched an upgraded version of AMP that helps to load post-click images and ads with the same speed with which web pages load.AMP is no more a thing for static content alone.

Post-Click Landing Pages

The popularity of post-click landing pages is increasing over the years because of the persuasive content they offer to the visitors. Marketers suggest that ebooks and whitepapers are tools that aid the success of marketing and the users get these from post-click landing pages.

Outstream Video

Outstream videos are published outside video players and the videos can be shown in the corners of web pages, text line breaks etc. Before the entry of outstream videos into the whole advertising scene, brands ran video ads in video players before a video or during the video. This made video ads exclusive to publishers like Youtube and limited the advertising space available to brands.

Outstream advertisements increase the options that brands can choose from, to publish their video content. The outstream videos are convenient to the users because they offer the option to skip and most of the videos pause when they move out of view. The growing popularity and success of outstream videos have persuaded brands to invest huge sums of money in outstream advertising.


Messenger apps had a humble beginning and now they have become the masters of the digital media world. Chatbots are customer service agents introduced to the Facebook messenger and they offer personalized support through chat service. Relaxed restrictions on using chatbots to publish advertising content, has urged the people to use chatbots as an advertising platform.

Marketing Automation

Adopting the right marketing automation strategy is important for the success of businesses. Marketing automation saves the time of the employees and they can redirect their focus towards other vital goals. Some marketing automation tools help to understand customer behavior and plan business strategies accordingly. Facebook uses the information of the pages that users visited to study their behavior. Seeing the success of automation strategies, more and more companies are planning to increase their automation budget.

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