Modern Methods of Advertising to Help Improve your Sales

Promotion is one of the four key components of the marketing mix. Advertising is a great way to promote your business, products/services or brand. If you are a business owner, this is something you should master. Here is an overview of some of the best strategies to help you get started with this.

Web Banner Advertising

This type of advertising can be thought of as the digital equivalent of what you see on roadsides. Have you ever seen the horizontal ad strips above the fold of most web pages? Known as web banners, these are often made with photos, JavaScript, or another multimedia object and animation. Usually, web banners are linked to pages related to the information on the existing site.

Bandwagon Advertising

A propaganda advertising method, this one looks to convince the customer that every person is supporting its brand or everybody else uses the products and they also have to do so. This compels customers to at least consider purchasing that offering and check what others are raving about and join in. This is a strategy based on customer psychology, so it is effective and can be used through any media.

Endorsements and Testimonials

An endorsement from either a public figure or a celebrity is more than enough for some customers to try out a particular service or product. Such endorsements or testimonials are an excellent way to promote particular offerings. One more matured version of this form of promotion is covert advertising, involving the use of actual products or brand names in films or TV programs. Think of it as sort of an indirect version of an infomercial.

Keyword Advertising

Also referred to as “cost per action” and “pay per click”, this form of advertising is traditional, but it is still in use. Yahoo! first forayed into keyword advertising years back, but it is Google’s Adwords program that is popular today for the same. Yahoo! Search Marketing, LookSmart, Miva and Microsoft adCenter are some of the search engines that are into this.

Blog Advertising

Thanks to the popularity of blogs, people use blogs as an effective marketing tool. Corporate blogs, in particular, are a great way of reaching out to customers online. Blogs often utilize Search Engine Marketing methods, which make sure of better output on the internet.

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