Different Types Of Advertising Agencies

Different Types Of Ad Agencies
Different Types Of Ad Agencies

For every business to grow, advertisement is a very essential aspect. Businesses and corporations hire advertising agencies to produce online and offline advertisements that will be beneficial for their products and services. An advertising agency is a business focused on planning and creating advertisements for its clients and they are not dependent on other organizations.

An advertising agency has a group of expert people, who can help the companies to reach the target customers in a simpler way. Advertising agencies provide services like;

  • Creating an advertisement based on the information gathered about the product.
  • Doing research on the needs of customers
  • Planning on the type of media to be used for the advertisement.
  • Taking the customer’s feedback and deciding the further plan of action.

There are a lot of advertising agencies that you can choose for your business. Advertising agencies can be classified by the wide range of services that they provide. Here we will look at the different types of ad agencies that can help your business.

Full-Service Ad Agency

A full-service ad agency provides a variety of services that will help the traditional and digital marketing aspects of a company. They plan, create, and produce advertisements for their clients. A full-service ad agency offers services like social media management, TV ads, content creation, web development, graphic design, etc. If your business requires full scale marketing, then a full-service ad agency is the appropriate choice. They will be able to advertise your product or service in every possible platform.

Traditional Ad Agency

This type of advertising agency uses traditional media such as newspapers, radios, television commercials, and posters for the advertisement of various products of their clients. Traditional ad agencies are best suited for businesses which are targeting local customers. Businesses that lack the resources to produce TV or radio ads, or conduct mail campaigns can partner up with a traditional ad agency. Many businesses choose traditional ad agencies over others because of the creative and effective advertisements they produce.

Digital Ad Agency

If you wish to promote your product and services online, the digital ad agency is the best option. Even though they have similarities with traditional media, their main focus is on digital media. They provide a variety of digital services including:

  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Website development
  • Email marketing
  • Lead generation
  • Account based marketing

Digital ad agencies are the best option for companies that are looking to improve their presence online. They are also helpful for companies to target a specific audience with advanced targeting capabilities and a wide range of digital media platforms.

Social Media Ad Agency

Social media ad agencies focus on advertising on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube. Etc. These ad agencies have a team of content creators and ad optimizers who will make creative advertisements for your products. For companies who only want to accomplish a single goal like selling watches through social media platforms, social media ad agencies are their appropriate choice.

Public Relations Ad Agency

Companies usually hire public relations ad agencies to improve and manage their public image. They often work with enterprise level companies and CEOs. The main focus of a public relations ad agency is to get the CEO of the company or the company itself to feature in the news, industry websites and in the community. PR agencies are really important for companies or organizations that are looking for improving the public’s awareness of a brand or services.

Branding Ad Agency

Branding is the process of developing a brand for a company and promoting it. Branding ad agencies are specialized in the branding of products and services of various businesses or organizations. Branding agencies will conduct market research to fully understand the competitive landscape and provide a wide range of services like brand name development, logo designing, signage and creative identities.

Creative Ad Agency

The primary focus of a creative ad agency is on the designing and graphics of a brand. They are well suited for businesses that need to create a unique look and feel for their brand. These types of agencies excel only in creating innovative ads and may lack the resources for the strategy and execution of other advertising agencies. Creative ad agencies are effective in designing logos, letterheads, print marketing, and business cards.

Media Buying Ad Agency

The primary focus of these types of ad agencies is on media planning and media buying. They are very helpful for companies that are looking to use only a single channel. They help the company in identifying a time frame, recommending a budget and establishing markets for reaching the target customers. Media buying ad agencies usually have their own creative team. But they are usually paired with a creative ad agency.

Before hiring an advertising agency for your company, it will be helpful if you document all the desired results you want to achieve with them. By doing that you will have a target in front and it will help you to find an appropriate ad agency that can support you in reaching those targets.

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