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When technology made the world a smaller place, people, and businesses have changed with the world. When the world goes global, businesses have to follow. Advertising strategies have witnessed major changes over the years. If you have to boost your business, it is quintessential to have a strong online presence.

Online advertising services have become popular over the years and there are a number of platforms for the same. Online advertising is the right place to invest your money because it will give you better results and will not empty your pocket. Business advertising services have realized the power of social media to boost businesses and have taken to social media platforms for advertising.

All of the social media giants are also promising platforms for social media advertising.

Facebook Advertising

About a quarter of the world population are part of the Facebook platform. Understanding your audience is important to plan your advertising strategies accordingly. Facebook offers better targeted-advertising strategies because the platform helps you know your audience, their likes and dislikes.

Instagram Advertising

Instagram has been gaining popularity and the growth was quick too. Instagram is more a platform filled with images and videos. When you plan to advertise your products on Instagram you have make sure the advertisement suits the nature of the platform. Make sure to make your advertisements are a visual treat by using eye-catching images and videos.

More of the Instagram users belong to the 18-29 age group and this means you have a young audience. If the product is for the young people, then you are at the right place.

Pinterest Advertising

Pinterest is similar to Instagram by being a visual platform. It is more aligned towards women audience and almost 81 % of the audience are women. This makes it the right platform to advertise products for women. Pinterest is a platform that users intentionally use to explore and buy creative products and the level to which it engages people is high.

Recently Pinterest advertisements have become affordable compared with the past rates, which were not that low.

LinkedIn Advertising

The LinkedIn platform is centered at the B2B market and a major portion of its users belongs to the 30-64 age group. Reports reveal that it has approximately 227 million monthly active users and this is a promising number, which opens up the possibilities of advertising.

Three main types of LinkedIn ads are sponsored content, sponsored Inmail and text ads. Linkedin tracks the audience based on the company, company size, designation,age etc and this is what makes it successful in B2B advertising.

Snapchat Advertising

It is a younger entry to the competitive market and it has about 301 million monthly users. About 41% of the people in the United States belonging to the 18-34 age group use Snapchat on a daily basis. This is not a small percentage and it reveals the potential of Snapchat advertising.

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