A Comparison between Traditional and Modern Advertising

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Today, businesses utilize modern advertising strategies to attract their customers and to increase their sales. However, traditional advertising has not been entirely forgotten as they are used by advertisers whenever it is relevant.

For those who are searching for the best advertising strategies for their business, it is important to understand the difference between these two concepts. Hence, we provide a comparison between modern and traditional advertising for you to select the one which is suitable for you.


Traditional advertising is mainly focused on the selling of products produced by a company and it gives priority to the company’s goals. However, modern advertising gives importance to the customers and aims for customer satisfaction rather than just selling the products.

Better Customer Understanding

Through traditional marketing, a company tries to sell whatever products they produced to the customers without giving preference to whether the customer needs them or not. But through modern marketing, a company tries to understand the requirements of the customers and will try to customize the products based on these needs. This type of advertising is customer-oriented as they first access the needs of the customers and develop products accordingly.


Flex boards, television and radio advertising, pamphlets, etc. were the mediums used by traditional marketing, whereas modern marketing uses the help of the internet along with the traditional mediums. It uses online marketing, social media marketing, etc. to advertise their products and to reach the maximum number of customers.


The only target of traditional marketing was to sell the products for making a profit for the company hence it is one-dimensional. Modern marketing also gives emphasis on customer satisfaction, after-sales service, etc., therefore, it is multi-dimensional.


A company’s marketing department or sales department had the responsibility of advertising in traditional advertising, but in modern advertising, all the departments of a company have a specific role. Whether it be a finance department, research department or production department, all will have something to offer for advertising the products of the company.

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